Hope for us all in 2015 – not just the elite but us normal folks living from pay check to pay check or one meal to the next as best we can.

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Flooding UK

The UK has had its fair share of tragic floods. With hundreds of thousands affected by such disaster the UK Government does nothing. Only Prince Charles, Heir to the Throne, has bothered to visit* those affected by the deluge of water flooding their farm land and destroying their homes. CamCon and Co. are despicable insidious chaps who have proven time and time again they care not one jot for the citizens of the UK. Mind you both Clegg and Miliband have remained sat on their arses rather than visit the people who might one day be asked to cast their electoral vote for such miscreants. It would serve the self serving little chappies if people voted for UKIP rather than the main useless miscreants that we have skulking in parliament.

*Yes the political elites did eventually visit but only because the public were making noises!

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OK so the UK is in a pickle. Its welfare status is under review. All young people should not receive welfare according to the real thoughts of Chairman Osborne and the Führer IDS. The Leader Cameron most likely goes with the flow of the person he talks to so I do not know what the Little Boy Blue stands for as far as welfare goes.

The challenge is the correct use of funds. YIKES. Daunting for political leaders as they never seem nowadays to understand politics and country finance. Like the Lady Thatcher many think it is the same as a household budget. No beer on Friday if you have not paid the bills. It is not. ALL country bills have to be paid – hence debt and hence acceptance of debt. Not all debt is bad you know. Loans help everybody if provided sensibly. So does credit, if provided sensibly.

The trouble is that the notion of debt and credit has become to mean the normal way of doing things. Only if you can afford to pay it back. Only if you budget for such debt and or credit. Sometimes as a householder you have to say no to the new technological update. The government is under the same conditions financially in this way – no to bonus payments to government employees – of whatever rank – who fail to achieve efficiency and good output of services, that includes bankers and private corporate hangers-on by government funds. The railways and the NHS for instance. Crap services but the managerial staff have very good pay rewards. Tut tut. That is one way of saving money. Sack and replace. Oh and no golden handshakes of over £500,000! Another way to save much money. Yes challenging times.

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Christmas Time

OKAY I love Christmas Yule Tide time. I love the Winter Season. To me sharing meals and presents – not over the top but wee gifts to say thank you for being who you are. Lights, candles, mince pies and chestnuts all add to the spice of the Season.

I love nice traditions – even if they did not start out nice and peaceful. I love the feeling of goodwill rather than bleak sobriety. I even like the idea f family and friends getting together under one roof. I said I like the idea! As I am kind of anti-social I like just two or six maximum for the partaking of Christmas Dinner. But I understand the bohemia of being altogether.

As a liberty minded soul I like the idea that we can all do our thing at Christmas time. Celebrate it or not in whatever way you and yours feel happy to do so. I disagree with the left wing liberal anti-Christ-mas attitude. They say the other religious group “might” find it offensive. In fact and truth the other religious groups do not find it offensive. Most join in with the festivities. So do most humanists and atheists. I do wish the liberal-leftist-politically-correct-academics would go back into their rooms and sit back in their armchairs and leave us real humans alone. Or better still, go to the many homeless shelters on Christmas Day and do something useful and helpful for a while. And that includes our insidious political, financial, corporate and institutional leaders. But then they really would have to get out of their comfort zones and into the world of the real people! Ah well, I can dream.

So Merry Christmas One and All. May you have much joy and comfort on the day and everyday. See you next year!

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The Long Road

The long way to do things is to wait for someone else to do it. If you’re lucky someone else might. If not then you’ll be stumped. Most people tend to veer on the side of “wait” and see. I do. But sometimes you have to go figure it out or do it for yourself. Does the Welfare State promote the wait and let somebody else look after you syndrome? Or does it help you get a foothold when you slip?

I believe it does both. Ideally it is a “net” that stops you from starving, being homeless or unable to survive if ill. Conversely it allows a sense of “whatever” to creep in. A case of “I’ll do this or that if I am made to”. Many say the cure for this is no welfare. Or rather no State funded – by taxes – welfare. These adherents of no State welfare point to beyond the Poor Laws as the ideal. I have yet to see their evidence based on materials drawn up from those times and a look at the sheer inhuman and impoverished states folks were forced to accept within the Poor Law regulations. Some of course look longingly with gushing nostalgia – normally slightly rose-tinted academic related rather than life experience related – based bias at charity, voluntary and mutual societies. All working so well that they have no idea why the government of the day stepped in to provide social based services.

The adherents of total Welfare State see the poor as being helpless and the homeless and sick as being desperate. Indeed they are if there is no access for care or homes or jobs. That was why many charities [normally fronted by the Christian churches], voluntary and mutual societies sprang up. There was a demand for their services, their help. The fact of the matter is they could not supply universal help only local, and ad hoc at that, help.

Can we have both? Or can we say that a universal payment can go into one’s chosen fund to be used in times of need? A kind of ObmaCare differently? Should we be “made” to accommodate for a “rainy day”? Should we be left to get by on the resources we have through the choices we make? In an ideal world the latter would be good. But we all know that corruption and exploitation lurks in every corner where money and power, however small or minor, can be seen. Backhanders and under the table theft is quite a common practice despite the pretend aghast blushes of the elite that it is not. And that has been a truism since employment and markets began. We all know that “free riders” abound in every walk of life. Do we “punish” all because of the few?

Personally I think a Welfare State universally paid for and provided is an excellent idea. What is missing is the correct management team mentality – if you have BSD holders without analytical and negotiating and people skills running things you are going to have problems. Big Problems. Look at the USA Heritage Trust for instance. Business school boys playing at grown ups. It is not just who but how it is run that really matters.


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Why it seems that severe weather is “getting worse” when the data shows otherwise – a historical perspective | Watts Up With That?

Why it seems that severe weather is “getting worse” when the data shows otherwise – a historical perspective | Watts Up With That?.

Good blog but the data put on ends at 2005. If we look at the data from 2005 to 2012 [left hand graph] [1950 – 2005 is on the  on the right] we get a different picture – more not fewer tornadoes.

Look at 2005 to 2012


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It seems we are all waiting for something. A change of government for the better. Ha ha ha. Not in my life time. Is that unfair? After all governments try to help us don’t they? They are there to benefit us aren’t they? You would think so wouldn’t you. But take a good long hard look at your political leaders {ROFL}. Can you really say they give a damn about you? They might if it suits their purpose or their pocket or their crony’s. Otherwise they care not one iota about you. You ain’t rich or powerful or coercive against the minions in some way or other. You and I we are just minions and zero sum activities. Time to stop waiting and start doing for yourself.

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